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Hosted Exchange by Deja Technologies

$13.99 per month per mail box for an entire cloud based solution for all your Outlook details is now available.
Discounts available for multiple accounts.

Please contact us for a FREE consultation to discuss these features and have a demonstration of how it works.

We currently use this exact service as well as many of our clients.


In the past years we have been selling servers to our clients so that they can have the benefit of a Microsoft Exchange sync between their computers and smartphones and tablets as well as an online webpage to gain access to all their Outlook details.  This was rather expensive as you need to have your own server and configuration.

We can now offer you a hosted exchange for your contacts calendar events and emails at a very low price per month.

The benefits of this option versus the current configuration are as follows:

  1. Backup: Email, contacts, and calendar events are backed up in real-time, if you were to lose or break any of your devices your data would be safe on the cloud.  Currently you have no backup of emails or contacts or your calendar.
  2. Synchronization of your data will allow you to have one set of contacts on all devices, if you add a new phone number or email to your phone it will automatically show up on your computer.  Same situation for emails, if you read or delete an email on one device the other device(s) will show up identically.
  3.  Calendar events on all devices, most people without an exchange sync don’t typically use the calendar very often as they would have to enter the data on multiple devices, with this new cloud solution you will be more organized and less likely to miss appointments and meetings.
  4. Online web interface, let’s say you’re at a hotel or at a friend’s place and you don’t have your laptop or maybe your phone has no battery power, or maybe you’re in another country. You can easily gain access to your Outlook details via an easy to remember website using your email address and password.
  5. Outlook anywhere, what this means is that if you travel to various houses, buildings or hotels, you will not need to configure your laptop to be able to send or receive emails as it will just work automatically.
  6. Price, the price used to be quite high for these types of synchronized solutions as you needed a server in-house.  Now you can get the full package for only $13.99 per month per user which also includes an anti spam application that will eliminate most of the junk mail you may currently receive.




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