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Corel Draw

Document Size

The document should be setup as .125 inches past the cut line and keep all content within the safety line.
For example a business card of 3.5” x 2” would be 3.625” x 2.125”

Setting up your Guidelines (Document, Cut and Safety Lines)

Here is a close up view of the way your guidelines should be used/setup.

File Size

If your file size is very large please reduce it be rasterizing all tutorial to 300dpi. Go to >Bitmap>Resample.

Text & Logo

Convert all text and logos to curves. Select all text and go to >Arrange>Convert To Curves


When saving, choose Adobe CS2 file format. Make sure to create/save separate files for the front and the back.
For example and

FTP access is available please contact us if you need us to give you an account.

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