Many small to medium sized business cannot afford to employ a full-time, in-house, IT department. Using our services leaves you to focus on your business and your bottom line. Our team of technicians work together to solve your issues and create ways to be more efficient.


Utilizing teamwork in a company environment greatly improves productivity. To maximize teamwork in a computing environment, a reliable fast and scalable computer network solution is required. Deja can supply your company with the network infrastructure you require. A properly configured network allows users to share files, printers, applications, internet access and connect through remote access or remote assistance.

For clients that are situated up to a few kilometers away from a high speed internet connection, DEJA offers tested and reliable building to building internet. This solution means that your office or home location is no longer necessarily stuck with either dial-up or satellite internet services. If you or your business are in this scenario, give us a call and we can talk more and answer any questions.


Accidents and equipment failure are an unfortunate event that cannot be predicted. Now the need for protection from ransomware is required.  With hackers taking data from people and asking them to pay a ransom is a real threat and we have seen firsthand the destruction this can cause.

Luckily,  Deja can provide you with a contingency plan that will allow you to recover from theft, fire or equipment failure or ransomware.

Swappable hard drive solution, where each night a drive is taken offsite for safety, we then swap in other drives in a rotation to offer further protection. We also offer the redundancy of an internal RAID array to protect your server, and data.


Your data is securely backed up over the internet to a trusted server.  You may need to access important company information while you are ona trip.  Maybe you have a remote employee that needs to see job files at the office.  Maybe you just want an extra level of redundancy to ensure your data is safe outside your office to protect from fire or theft.  We have many packages to suit your business needs, contact us for a FREE consultation.


DEJA offers remote assistance to our clients to provide immediate service without having to come onsite to solve issues, which saves you time and money.  Simply go to and click on remote service and follow the prompts.  Call us so we can discuss your issue and solve it promptly.

We can also offer you remote access so you can log into your work pc from home or check your remote web workplace that contains all your outlook items over the web.


DEJA offers a full line of brand name products along with consulting, service and installation for all products we sell. Desktops and networking components, routers, switches, access points, laptops, notebooks, monitors, cables, software, smartphone’s, printers and more…


DEJA continues to evolve with the tech world.  We now offer cloud solutions for your companies vital data.

Jason’s tech services are awesome!!!! He’s always quick to respond and help with any computer issues we’re having. He also helps a lot with ideas and suggestions of how to enhance our business. We are greatly appreciative of Deja and Jason always being there to help us!!!! Thank you!!!!

Melissa K.